Supporting Hiring Managers with VMS, Procurement or MSPs

Supporting IT and Operations Hiring Managers

You have a job to do. Projects to manage. Deadlines to meet. Budget limitations to overcome. Working within a Vendor Management System (VMS) can bring additional challenges to that project, deadline and budget.

“From my perspective as an IT manager, sometimes our VMS can be helpful in filling our general needs quickly and effectively. However, at other times it can complicate our hiring processes when I have a specialized need.”
- VP Bank Operations Officer, medium-size Southern U.S. based bank

EDGE understands the balance required when working in this type of hiring environment. You have needs for both resources with general skills and people with specialized experience. We can help you navigate the hiring process and get the talent you need to be successful.

Our experience includes supporting companies with mature VMS and others who are implementing new systems. Our familiarity with the goals of the system, as well as our knowledge of the talent pool, enable us to be uniquely positioned to deliver solutions and help you meet your goals.

EDGE Services has been serving the nation’s top banks since 1993, serving as a link between IT or banking operations and the top consultants in the industry.

“EDGE’s ability to come and work within our Vendor Management System has been outstanding. They have been able to understand our needs quickly and work within the system with minimal complications.

They understand what we need as in-the-trenches managers and how to balance that with our VMS. The consultants they bring into the organization have been outstanding.”

- VP, Operations, large East Coast bank client


Why Choose EDGE

To learn more about how EDGE can support you and your hiring efforts in a VMS or MSP environment, please contact one of our Cient Relations Team members.