Writing a Consultant Resume

Writing a Consultant Resume

Writing a resume to sell yourself as a consultant requires a different approach than a resume seeking full-time employment.

Consultants are placed based upon specific skill sets, experience with software, project background, knowledge of banking applications, programming experience, and technical knowledge. A client will come to us looking to fill a niche within their IT structure. EDGE continually updates our internal database with the experience and skills sets of our consultants, so we can be ready to place you at a moment’s notice.

EDGE consultants are marketed through Profiles, detailed resumes outlining your roles experience, skill sets, applications, and project experience you could bring to the client. It is this detail that sells you to a client and, ultimately, results in placements.

If you are new to consulting and new to EDGE, in addition to collecting your resume, we also ask you to complete a Skill Questionnaire. This will lead you through a skill assessment that enhances your resume and helps us present you to our clients.

If you are interested in consulting for EDGE, contact us and we will get you started in completing a skill questionnarie.