Things To Consider

Things To Consider

Consulting is a challenging and dynamic field.  As you consider entering this career path, we want you to know what we at EDGE look for in our consultants, what clients want out of consultants, and how to pull it all together for a successful career.

Consulting work is very different than full-time employment.  You must adapt to the:

Many people who enter consulting stay in the field and prefer it to full-time employment, once they’ve had time to adjust to the change.

What We Look For

EDGE consultants have one thing in common – depth of knowledge in the IT and business  industry, specifically for banks, credit unions, and finance companies. Almost all of our consultants have many years of experience in information technology and banking.

We are specifically looking for consultants with experience in:

What Clients Look For

Our clients are looking for consultants who can adapt quickly. Secondly, they look at consultants experience and skill sets. Our clients expect core compentencies in the following areas:

Bringing It All Together

In EDGE’s 16 years in the consulting business, our consultants have identified characteristics that make them successful above others.

A good consultant: